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John C. Wright's Journal
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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

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Change? Or Same ol'same ol'?
I read this on kgbman,and I reprint here in full. One of my friends, who calls himself a Catholic, voted for Obama. I wonder if he knew about Obama's opposition to the child born alive act.

Just like his predecessor President Clinton, President Obama's first act as president is freeing up taxpayer money to murder children overseas. I would remind all Catholics who voted for Obama that you have a moral duty and obligation - it is not optional in other words - to vocally, publicly, and very loudly oppose the abortion regime in every way you possibly can. All throughout the campaign, liberal Catholics and modern day Richard Rich's like Doug Kmiec told us that we could vote for Obama in good conscience. Well, now is your opportunity to prove the truth of your words. If Catholics who voted for Obama do not fulfill their moral obligation to oppose abortion by every moral means at their disposal - if we go through the same song and dance routine four years from now about how one can be "personally opposed, but..." - then they will stand convicted before God and man as frauds and liars, and for the good of their souls, they had better repent, confess, and do penance.
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