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John C. Wright's Journal
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Friday, March 13th, 2009

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Concerning the recent WATCHMEN movie, bear545 comments: “CS Lewis explains it well in The Screwtape Letters when Screwtape explains that the demons have influenced human thinking so that when something degrades or terrifies us, that is reality, whereas anything that uplifts us is merely an emotional association but not based in mere facts. … The horror at the sight of murdered children chopped to bits is real, but the feelings inspired by the sight of happy children playing in a park are a mere fluff. If we are degraded or if our humanity is stripped away, that is real; if our humanity is confirmed and upheld, that is merely an illusion.

"In descriptions of the movie and the comic book (Watchmen) I have repeatedly heard people say that this is real, the Watchmen strips away the facade and shows some kind of truth, whereas Spiderman and Superman and their ilk merely provide a reassuring fiction that truth and justice can and sometimes do prevail."

This is precisely what I found to be, if you will pardon the expression, so unrealistic in this movie.

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