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John C. Wright's Journal
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Friday, March 27th, 2009

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Bragging Rights!
Well, well, I have just been interviewed for CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT by Sandra Miesel (whose name you might recognize if you read THE DA VINCI HOAX -- a debunking of Dan "all descriptions of made up stuff in this novel are accurate" Brown). I am placed alongside such luminaries as Gene Wolfe, (whom we rverently refer to as 'The Master') Tim Powers (whom we rvently refer to as, 'The Powers That Be')  andMike Flynn (whom we reverently refer to as 'The author of FALLEN ANGELS who wasn't Jerry Pournelle or David Niven but that Other Guy. And didn't he write a book about a blind man wrecking a river of firestars or something?') 

Unfortunately, since I haven't actually written anything very good or memorable yet, it is sort of embaressing to read the author of the article listing great works by Christian authors, for example, SHADOW OF THE TORTURER or DECLARE or PAST MASTER or CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWICZ and then in the next paragraph mention, "And Mr. Wright is a dirty old man who writes spanking scenes starring buxom sixteen-year-old schoolgirls. His next novel will be entitled LESBIAN SWEDISH BIKINI TEAM OF GOR, a sequel to John Norman's famous SLAVE GIRL OF GOR. Look for it in smutty bookshops everywhere."

OK, the article writer did not actually say that, but I haven't written any books I want my father confessor to read, either.

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