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John C. Wright's Journal
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Fight like a Cornered Cat
In a recent discussion about, of all things, Dante's INFERNO, video games, batgirl, and women in action films, an interesting paradox came up:

Modern women are supposed to be as violent and aggressive as men (see, for example, the popularity of Buffy, Xena, Wonder Woman, or Trinity) but are supposed to look like dewy-lipped glamour models, dressed alluringly (in either a short skirt, leather bikini, a red-white-and-blue swimsuit with high heeled boots, or skintight black leather respectively). The New Femininity portrays women with Barbie-doll looks and G.I. Joe action figure fighting skills.

By coincidence, I was reading this article over at Big Hollywood: Robert Avrech describes an encounter he has with Tuesday Weld blonde in a gunstore. She is against guns and violence, but her ex boyfriend is a stalker, and the police cannot protect her.

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Mr. Avrech in the article mentioned above, suggests that the ladies might want to peruse a website like Cornered Cat (http://www.corneredcat.com/) to get some commonsense advice about guns and self-defense. As a public service, if any of you ladies are better educated than the seventeen-year-old in Theodore Dalrymple’s article, I pass this link along to any female readers who are interested in real equality with men: and by equality, I mean, possessing The Equalizer.

I confess I am the mere opposite of a feminist. I think men and women are different, and viva la difference. One difference between men and women is that men seek mates by pursuing them, and women seek mates by alluring them. This means that, even if we were, or could be taught to be, the same, men and women should differentiate and exaggerate masculine and feminine characteristics, for purposes of cold Darwinian calculation, even if not for fun. (As a minor example, when women dress distinctively from men, the dress itself becomes a feminine symbol, a poetic symbol, whereas if both sexes dress uniformly, the only way to allure a mate is for a woman to show her cleavage, or some other crass way to emphasize the sexual difference. It seems a paradox, but by being less feminine, the women is placed in a false position of having to be more crudely sexual to work the same allure.) Another difference, which is as much psychological as physical, is that men are more violent and more prone to violence. A related difference is that men can rape women and women cannot rape men. This means women should be armed, and drilled in the use of arms.

There is a scene in ORLANDO FURIOSO when the maiden Isabella is kidnapped by the pagan knight Rodomonte. Before he can impose on her virtue by his violent affections, she tricks him into killing her, that she might die a virgin rather than live ravished and deflowered. There is also a scene where King Cymosco of Freisland has "a weapon strange" upon which he in most unknightly fashion relies upon to win his battles, a hollow engine packed with gunpowder, whose shot is likened to a thunderbolt. In disgust Orlando throws the devilish engine into the sea, lest it corrupt the chivalry of Christendom. Myself, as a more modern poet, had I penned the epic, I would have given the engine to Isabella, so she could have blasted Rodomonte into sulphury hell and lived happily ever after, and using the pagan knight's skull as an ashtry. (Of course, I would have also had her ended up married to Ragnar Danneskjold from ATLAS SHRUGGED, Captain Hedrock from THE WEAPON-MAKERS OF ISHER, or maybe Colonel Baslim from CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY, so no doubt my taste in these matters is not to be trusted.)

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