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John C. Wright's Journal
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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

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Tough Questions, Strange Answers, or, why I am (almost) not a Libertarian.
Meredith L. Patterson (maradydd ) asks some tough questions, to which I give silly answers. Somewhere in here, though, I am sure I am making some sort of point.

Back in this post, I said that I like to call myself a suffragette. I think any woman who owns a firearm should have the right to vote and own property in her own name. I might even be willing to extend the franchise to unarmed women, if they owned land, knew a trade, or owned property.

"What of unarmed men who own no land or property and do not know a trade?"

Disenfranchise them! Who wants landless, tradeless panhandlers exercising the soveriegn power of the ballot over their neighbors? And if they are gunless, they form no credible threat when the State takes away their voting rights! Ho-Hah! Non-gun-owning men should of course be allowed an exception, and be allowed to vote if they own a sword or know kung-fu. I do not want to disenfranchise my friends who are blackbelts or SCA members. Also bowhunters. I ain't taking no vote away from Chuck Norris or Ted Nugent.

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On a more serious note
Susan Boyle, 47, sings for Britains Got Talent. Note the reaction of the judges, the look in their eyes.


You never know what someone may have inside.

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