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John C. Wright's Journal
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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

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Reviewer Smile for "One Bright Star to Guide Them"
Matthew Wuertz has read the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for April-May 2009. He singles out my story for particular praise.


"One Bright Star to Guide Them" by John C. Wright - Thomas, middle-aged and displeased with life, discovers the fantasies of his youth and recalls the adventures he shared with three of his friends. A talking cat, Tybalt, calls upon Thomas to once more combat the forces of evil that now threaten to control England and the present-day world.

By far, this was my favorite story of the issue. Reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' Narnia books, I felt like Wright's fantasy world was well-established and adventurous. As a Christian, I found so many symbolic meanings that at times I felt like I was reading something by Lewis. That isn't to say that Wright himself is a Christian (I don't really know), but if not, he seems to know much Biblical truth. There is so much darkness in this world, and many are blind, bound in promises of pleasure that only lead to misery and death. Wonderful tale. Well told!

My comment: I cannot be modest when it comes to this one. I love this story. I hope "One Bright Star to Guide Them" wins an award. It is my favorite short piece of anything I've done. Have any of you read it?

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