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John C. Wright's Journal
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Monday, April 27th, 2009

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The Statement of Fred Carter
Dirigibletrance asks whether the short story “One Bright Star to Guide Them” takes place in the same background universe, or "Evernverse" as LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS?

I don't know, but I do not see why it could not. In general, the way to see whether or not two books might take place in the same background, (what we professionals call “The Planetary Question”) is to explain positive evidence, such as when two stories are sharing the same names and events, and to explain away possible negative evidence, such when two stories contain as clearly incompatible events or characters or laws of nature.  For example, much as we would all like for Blackie DuQuesne to go to planet Lyrane IX and obtain the power of the Melasnikov ‘s  Black Lensmen corps, nonetheless Blackie comes from the Skylark universe, where the Seaton’s serendipitous discovery of the cupric total conversion space-drive disproves Einsteinian  Relativity, whereas the Lensman universe has Einsteinian relativity, but found that inertialess matter was not subject to the Lorenz transformation. These two cannot co-exist, so they cannot be part of the same background universe, unless the continuum occupied by Seaton and DuQuesne were reached by hyperspatial tube by the Eddorians, or the continuum occupied by Civilization reached by Fourth Dimensional Gizmo by the Skylarkers.

In this case, the question of whether “One Bright Star” exists in the Evernessverse is an interesting one: The set up of the worlds or world involved sounds similar. The themes of the stories and the laws of nature in the magic system sound the same. But to answer thoroughly would require following up obscure clues and thinking about it.

Instead, I will send Randolf Carter down into the basement to check. Maybe someone just wrote the answer down somewhere, among all those musty old papers left by my grandfather Melchizedech Faustus Wright, the arctic explorer, were stored after he died screaming in the Innsmouth insane asylum. I will stay up here in the solarium, where it is safe, watching the sunset and sipping tea. He and I will remain in communication over telephone.

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