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John C. Wright's Journal
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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

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An Ongoing Discussion about the Role of Religion in History
"Its simply common sense."

Perhaps it is common sense to say that when the state commands and the people resist, there will be bloodshed, but at that point, it seems to me that religion drops out of the equation as a variable, unless you are saying religion has more power to resist government oppression than secular ideologies -- if that is your point, I would tend to agree.

It seems to me equally common sense to say that Nazism and Communism are new fashions of barbarism, whose point was to dismantle civilized institutions, and subordinate everything from marriage to the marketplace to the state, and to undo the uniquely Christian notion (found in no other era and no other land aside from Christian ones) of separation of church and state, rendering only what is due Caesar to Caesar. When Christianity departs, so also departs civil liberties: the postchristian socialists of Europe are not known for small and unobtrusive government.
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