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John C. Wright's Journal
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

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Humbug, or "If You Don't Understand It, It Must Be Art".
The Childlike Empress (or someone who looks like her) takes me to task for my condemnation of James Joyce's ULYSSES. Here are the comments in full:

I will stick up my hand in defense of "Ulysses". First off, you HAVE to read an annotated version, or read the Cliff's Notes along with it. Otherwise, yes, it will read as though it's a piece of junk that makes no sense to anyone. However, people were far better educated when Joyce was writing, and he intentionally wrote it with many, many layers of meaning and insight so that it could be unpacked for centuries afterwards, thus gaining himself literary immortality.

Lest you think that the height of conceit, read on. Joyce was one of the key players in the incredibly important struggle for Ireland to regain and rebuild her national identity, which was at the time outlawed and strangulated by British imperial control. All the people in America who love Ireland and are proud of being Irish? HA. There would be no "Irish" had these people not done what they did. Just as O'Donovan Rossa fought for Irish political identity and independence, just as W. B. Yeats dug up the old Irish folktales and breathed into them new life, Joyce made it his life's work to provide Ireland with new Irish literature it could claim as its own.

If you try to read "Ulysses" without assistance, you might as well read the text of the Tridentine Mass in Latin, knowing *nothing* of scripture - or Latin, for that matter. At least most of "Ulysses" is written in English. Joyce references other classical texts constantly, and even works in the voices of other authors who have been part of the classic canon of great literature.

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I will be on the Telly
Lorna Dueck from Listen Up TV  (a Canadian Christian news program) interviewed me for her television show. This is an episode where Robert J. Sawyer, a real science fiction writer, is also being interviewed. They asked me some softball questions, and I bunted them. Smooth a pie. I did it over my lunch hour at a little church just down the street, so my talking head should have a nice altar and stained glass window behind me.

I do not know when or where the program will be aired.I wore my hat, so my hat will get some air time, and my Saint Justin-Martyr medal, which I used to flash secret messages in Morse Code to my Jesuit 'handler' working for MI-13, which the Anglocatholic secret service branch devoted to hunting Nazi vampires created by Nordic necromancy after World War II.

Fortunately, the young atomic rocketeers of the Space Rocket Galileo, led by Dr. Cargraves, uncovered the Nazi base on the dark side of the moon, where the Nazis had learned the secrets of reviving the undead from the Macrobe-led technocrat-sorcerers of Sulva.

Dr. Cargraves, after a desperate flight from the insect-guards of the Grand Lunar, entered the mysterious blue area of the moon, where the ruined city of the Inhumanoids is located, fell in love with Nah-ee-lah the Moon Maid, and, with her help, recovered his rocketship from space vampire Nazi hands, and flew back to Earth.

In secret consultation with the Pope, and with Antonio Barberini the Younger the Commander in Chief of the Papal armies hidden in the hollow core of the Earth since the days of Julius II (FOOTNOTE: fortunately, the Borgia Popes were able to find and exploit the secret volcanic vents under Aetna leading to Pelludicar, the interior world, long before the Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane discovered them, so that the Interior Lands were drawn into the orbit of the Holy League, and are firmly anti-Cromwell) it has been decided to return to the moon and perform an mass-excorcism of that entire heavenly sphere. This should have the beneficial side effect of robbing the werewolves of Iceland of their extra powers they get when the moon is full.

Unfortunately the rocket-planes were supposed to have parts made by General Motors, and now that GM is going to be run by the same addlepated bureaucrats who run Amtrack, we doubt the parts will be available. We are negotiating with the Disney Corporation -- you all know that the rides in Tomorrowland are just props to cover up the real workind spaceport Disney erected in Florida in the 1950's, right? -- to see if they can supply us, and the Science Patrol of Japan (who are coming along) with a fleet of longrange moonrockets. 

When I get more information I will tell you. Not about the Nazi vampire hunting. That is strictly hush-hush. About the Listen Up TV show.

NOTE ADDED LATER: Dark Horse Comics, who evidently (all of them) grew up reading the same high octane pulp I did have produced a comic book that sounds like it came from what I described above: Werewolves on the Moon fighting Vampires . American werewolves, no less.  I kid you not. http://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/16-275/Werewolves-on-the-Moon-Versus-Vampires-1

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