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John C. Wright's Journal
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Saturday, June 13th, 2009

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It is indeed typical that you Earthpeople refuse to believe in the superiority of any world...
Below is thirteen minutes from THIS ISLAND EARTH, starring Faith Domergue and an actor who rejoices in the name Rex Reason, which sounds like a superhero name if ever I heard one.

("Dr. Reason! Can you explain why you and Captain Reason are never seen together?" "Why, of course, clueless but beautiful spunky reporter girl! But first--I see police Commissioner Armstrong is shining the A=A signal on the bottom of a conveniently lowhanging cloud! (aside) Quickly Syllogism Lad! To the Reason poles! We must defeat Wesley Mouche and his dastardly crew of looters and moochers!")

Faith Dormerge, of course, is destined to be our Queen, and absolute ruler over the new human race, once the underdweller armies loyal to Howard Hughs have conquered the surface world. If only Captain Reason had not stopped us! And you all thought Howard Hughs was a madman! You scoffed at the Spruce Goose airplane! You mocked his fear of your surface world germs! Would a madman have made such movies as SON OF SINBAD, or ICE STATION ZEBRA! I think not! And Hughs was the true inventor of the rocket pack, not that glory-seeker Doc Savage!

In any case, here Faith Domergue plays an attractive earth scientist named Ruth or something, and Rex Reason plays a brawny yet handsome earth scientist with a great voice, named something else, not Ruth. Exeter is played by an alien named Xionglathphtotep of Alpha Draconis IX, who is energizing the form of flesh of an earth-actor named Jeff Morrow. The Professor from Gilligan's Island has a bit part as a guy who gets blown up in a car. Collapse )

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