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John C. Wright's Journal
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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

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An Apology for the Crusades, or, View from Another Continuum
"So, Roman Catholic Church, it is time to confess to your sins and prepare to meet your maker. Open your archives for all to see. Tell us the truth about your origins. Give back to the Jews any items from the temple of Solomon you have in your possession. Ask the Muslims to forgive you for the Crusades. Explain the total truth of your church and ask for forgiveness, which shall most certainly be granted since, in the overall karmic balance, your good works far exceed your sins." This quote comes from here.

That noise you heard was me spitting my coffee all over my computer screen in shock.

Savor, O reader, the utter historical illiteracy of these words: Ask the Muslims to forgive you for the Crusades.

Ask the paynims to forgive the Holy Church for resisting their mad butchery and enslavement of all Christian lands from the pillars of Hercules to Constantinople?

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Question about Exolife
"As Jodi Foster says in Contact, "If there isn't life on other worlds, it seems like an awful waste of space." "

Hm.  I wonder if we would be comforted to discover that all those seemingly empty stars are filled with the aliens from ALIEN, predators from PREDATOR, Azathoth, Cthulhu, Skrulls, Klingons, Space Vampires, Rulls, Xeelee, Wormfaces, Scramblers, not to mention Eddoreans, Fenachrone, Overlords of Delgon, and the Dark Lords of Sith, or some other outerspace equivalent of beetle? 

There are some downsides to First Contact, or, as the Greatest Empire prefers to call it, First Conquest.

On the other hand, all that empty space means more room for us among the mansion of heaven, once Richard Seaton discovers safe total conversion of atomic to kinetic energy, and a superscientist named Bergenholm together with Andrew Jackson 'Slipstick' Libby and Zefram Cochrane and a motherbox invent the inertialess lightpressure hyperspatial warp boomtube star-drive.
More Reviewer Love for CLOCKWORK PHOENIX
Hat tip to that relentless juggernaut among editors, Mike Allen. He has this to say:

    Congratulations to the following Clockwork Phoenix writers whose stories received Honorable Mentions in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois:


    • Marie Brennan (swan_tower), "A Mask of Flesh"
    • John Grant (realthog), "All the Little Gods We Are"
    • Tanith Lee, "The Woman"
    • C.S. MacCath, "Akhila, Divided"
    • Cat Rambo (catrambo), "The Dew Drop Coffee Lounge"
    • Ekaterina Sedia (squirrel_monkey), "There is a Monster Under Helen's Bed"
    • Vandana Singh, "Oblivion: A Journey"
    • Cat Sparks (johncwright), "Choosers of the Slain"

      You may not be counting, but I sure was; that's nine stories out of 18, half of the book (more, really, if you consider he includes both novelettes) landing Honorable Mentions from Gardner. As this is the first time anything I'm involved in has gotten any HM nods in those volumes, I'm pleased as Punch with a billy club!

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