June 24th, 2009


Compassion and Serfdom

Annfirtree poses some questions about economics and charity:

"Out of curiousity, do you, Mr. Wright, feel that you are a man who has compassion or sympathy for the poor?"

"Do you think that the Food Stamps program violates "basic principles of economics"?"
Yes, but I would not single out the food stamps program in isolation. It is one of many programs meant to subsidize the poor, which ends up harming them. 

"If so, what principles and how does it violate them?"
The principle that you cannot get something for nothing.

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He's Barack Obama

Some rightwing pundits note and mourn the lack of political humor at Mr. Obama's expense from latenight telecomedians. Well, Jib Jab is here to make up for the lack. (Hat tip to M_Francis)