July 13th, 2009


The Retrograde Reading Skills of a Progressive

In reference to this article, "The Seldon Plan", a reader (I withhold his name out of courtesy) writes in with some snarky questions.

"Mr. Wright, you only reveal your opposition to what you think stupid and sinister people must think."

Oddly enough, I said the exact opposite. My exact words were "First, it hypothesizes the existence of a Leftist who is not stupid or brainwashed. While I have met any number of Leftists who were stupider than they thought they were (of course, they usually think of themselves as geniuses), I have not noticed any remarkable difference in IQ."

"That scarcely broaches the subject with a wink."

This line is cryptic. If this is a coy way of accusing me of being coy, the accusation is a lie (not to mention being hypocrisy).

"Are you willing to tell us how you think righteous people should respond to an implacable paynim menace?"

Willing? WILLING? You make it sound as if I am reluctant to speak, rather than overeager. Here are some of my previous posts on the subject. They have titles like DUES LO VEULT and ISLAM IS A BARBARIC RELIGION. I am not exactly hiding my opinions under a basket. Collapse )