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John C. Wright's Journal
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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

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A Blindly Partisan Statment
I hope I can be excused if I violate slightly my no-posting until Friday rule, but this is a needed follow up to yesterday's post. This will be short. Well, it will be long, but it will be short for me, since my normal posts are Tolstoyan in length.

Those of you who regard me, John C. Wright, not-quite world-famous author, as merely a shrill echoing and partisan shill for the Republican Party, first let me say YOU'RE RIGHT!

Or, rather, let me say I WISH YOU WERE RIGHT!

I would be delighted to live in a country where one of the parties was somewhere, anywhere, near where I stood politically on any issue. Collapse )
Wright's Writing Corner: Raising A Writer
Crossposted from my better half's livejournal:

Today, our Guest Blogger,Ginger Kenney--a writer herself--discusses the joys and wonders of raising a writer.


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