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John C. Wright's Journal
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Monday, October 5th, 2009

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Off to China! and a prayer request.
I have off to China to pick up my daughter. I will be away from the Internets (thanks, Al Gore!) for the next three weeks, so if any new memes start up, such as "All yours bases are belong to us!" I will have to be left behind. But that is OK by me -- I have never been attentive to the latest changes in fashion, and I for one am still thinking over whether to approve and participate in an innovations in Western civilization circa Fifth Century. I have only quite recently bought into this bizarre new Syriac cult Constantine and his soldiers put such stock in, for example. Don't be hasty--that is my motto. Hoom. Hm.

Speaking of which: My stoic reserve, I admit, is slightly perturbed by the coming event. Like all deeply-rooted ents, I cordially dislike travel, particularly air travel, and adding a new member to the family is a difficult process, even when the angels are helping. If any of the faithful will offer prayers in support of my family and the unknown future we face, I would very much appreciated it.

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