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John C. Wright's Journal
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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

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DAPPLED THINGS interviewed me here , http://www.dappledthings.org/mqa09/interview01.php and this was mentioned on the FIRST THINGS blog here http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2009/10/26/what-postmodern-ninja-messiah-figures-fight-for/

Well, my loyal minions, that I have been mentioned at FIRST THINGS, of all corners of the Internet, the one I most respect, is quite a feather in my cap.

This means my fame, and hence my power, are expanding like a dark mass of fog, with tendrils everywhere. Soon now my army of radio-brainwave-controlled ape-human hybrids, which I call the APELOIDS, will be ready to emerge from my secret laboratory-fortress hidden in a dead volcano cone on Ape Island, and be carried by transatlantic jet packs or via subterranean bullet-trains to all the cities of mankind. Then those fools at the Council of Science, and all who laughed at my theories will pay for their mockery!

As the clutching fingers of my ape horrors close around their astonished necks, they will cry: "Hey. You look familiar. Weren't you mentioned on the blog at FIRST THINGS?" and I will say modestly, "Why, yes! Yes I was" and then Sky Saxon, singing cowboy, with the help of Champion the Wonder Dog and the swell gang at Radio Ranch will free princess Allura of Subterrainia and destroy the Brainatron, thus halting the electronic ape-mind-control-waves, and I will be lost beneath the rampaging claws of my own simian monstrosities, and die screaming "Back! BACK! I made you! I am your creator!" The subterrainoids will understand finally that the surface dwellers are not their enemies as I had told them, and they will follow their princess to return to their buried kingdom of superscience, using their cosmic ray cannon to blast the cavern beneath the Mr. McGreedy's haunted mine, and sealing the entrance forever --- or perhaps only until the day when mankind can use the great powers of the radioactive inner world wisely. It is a sad and lonely life, I suppose, being an evil genius, and it leads to a miserable but certain demise, but I regard myself as a misunderstood Prometheus, and blame society for my flaws.

If you want to hear a snippet from the audio version of my short story GUEST LAW (or, better yet, buy the whole thing) go here:
 I don't know anything about the voice actor except that his name is Tom Dheere and he loves accents. His web page is here.

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