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John C. Wright's Journal
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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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Wright's Writing Corner: Tramps Abroad
The latest installment from my lovely and talented wife:

As a special bonus, she has not one but two Writers Write on Writing articles, one from redhead Pirate Queen Misty Massey, one from workaholic fantasy writer extraordinaire David B. Coe, but also posts some views and news from our recent China adventure.

Here is a snippet from Misty Massey:

“Where DO you wacky writers get those crazy ideas?”

I don’t know if fantasy writers get this question more often than mystery or romance authors, but we get it quite a bit. And I have decided, in the interest of fair play and brotherhood, to share the Secret. Yes, you guessed it – there IS a place we all go to get these nutty ideas: the Gregorovich-Feister Idea Farm and Fresh Market. It’s a coop tucked into the high grass along Interstate 26 between Columbia and Charleston. Take exit 132 and 2/3 (it’s a dirt road, so be sure and slow down on the curve, else you’re liable to go flying!) and drive at exactly 42 miles per hour for exactly 17 minutes. Stop at the 17 minute mark, close your eyes, and whisper, “I just can’t think of what to write,”, and the gate will appear on the left. Drive in quick, since it only stays open about 30 seconds.

Here is a snippet from David B. Coe:

... when I’m asked, “What’s your best book?” I usually name my most recent publication. When I’m asked, “Which book of yours should I read first?” I’ll usually recommend the first book of my current series. But occasionally I’m asked, “What’s your favorite of all your books?” That’s another matter entirely.

Certain books of mine are dearer to me than others. This has nothing to do with how good or how flawed I might think they are. It has everything to do with the emotions I drew upon when I wrote them, with the characters I encountered as I developed them, and with what milestones they might represent in my career.

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