November 2nd, 2009


Music from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla - Miyarabi's Prayer.

I was going through my Mechagodzilla music collection, and came across this gem. Allow me to sum up the action so far: cute Japanese woman is singing a J-Pop tune to a giant sleeping doggy-ape thing-monster, (whose name is Shisa or Caesar or something) which is our only hope against the mind-numbing gut-crunching terror of Mechagodzilla, who is like Godzilla, only, you know, wearing Mobile Infantry Power Armor, or something.

It seems that the Azumi Clan has had this giant big-toothed dog-monster dude snoozing in their local mountain for the last hundred years or so.

Anyway, the Azumi clan doll sings for a minute and a half, and the other people stand around with awe-struck expressions while nothing continues to happen. The song goes on for another minute, but Mechagodzilla is only about as swift of foot as your average marauding Mummy who thinks the English archeologist's beautiful daughter is the reincarnation of Nefertiti, so the Azumi dame sings another chorus. For about another minute. Nice set of pipes, I think. Then when King Caesar wakes, his mountain nook explodes. Cool beans. I wish my bed exploded every time I woke up.

This clip does not show it, but King Caesar gets his doggy ass kicked in about half the time it took to wake him up. Giant mammals are just no good against robodinosaurs! When will mankind learn that terrible yet all-important lesson?!

Anyway, I like the song. Catchy. The lyrics (for those of you who are interested) are below the cut.

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