November 13th, 2009


The Extreme Folly and the Extreme Unction of the West

First, let me recommend two articles:
  • An article by historian Victor Davis Hanson pointing out that the Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist act following a pattern of terrorist acts. He note the absurdity, if not insanity of public figures denying the obvious link between Muslims and Muslim violence.

  • An article by historian Fabio Paolo Barbieri offering an explanation as to why public figures say things that they know to be absurd, if not insane, such as denying the obvious link between Muslims and Muslim violence..

Mr. Barbieri has a follow up article here

Second, let me comment on the Fort Hood shootings:

Our public figures (either freely elected voters or freely selected by the marketplace for media info-entertainment) reacted to the Fort Hood shootings with Politically-Correct clownishness unparalleled even in this clownish age.

I thought I was bitter and cynical and unemotional enough not to be appalled. Apparently that thought is false to facts. I am so appalled it makes me seasick.

Commentary ranged from the mulishly stupid to the seriously stupid to the flippantly stupid to the surrealistically stupid.

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ADDED LATER: The comments have reach roughly 200 comments, of which roughly half are speeches written in a fury of passion telling us all that, not only is there no war, but that to say that there is, is cowardice, bigotry, un-American, treasonous, racist, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. One commenter said there was indeed a war, but that America was to blame. A large number of comments seem to agree that we cannot discriminate against the enemy or think ill of him. Nearly everyone was horrified at the notion that this nation might retaliate if and when the terrorists ignite the first of many nukes inside our major cities and military bases. Even people in sympathy with the idea of defending the West against the Jihad had to pause to say that the Christians were the real enemy, that being Christian was treason against the Republic, that Christians are frightful monsters out to get us all, and that Christians all secretly conspire to make Nehemiah Scudder into our Prophet and Dictator.
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