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John C. Wright's Journal
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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

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Wright's Writing Corner
Cross posted to Visions of Arhyelon, here is this week's column on writing from the lovely and talented Mrs.


P.S. I also recommend the Donald Maass book. It is the only book on writing I ever recommend.
Extreme Unction of the West -- Clarification
In a recent discussion in this space, I waxed indignant over the inability of our popular leaders, both political leaders and opinion makers, to admit that the Jihadists with whom we are currently at war are Islamic and not Christian. They regard it as impolite, nay, as hateful, for anyone to mention the religion and the religious motives of the Fort Hood mass assassin, for example. This provoked a remarkable reaction -- roughly half the comments in my comments box not only affirmed the Politically Correct position, that we are not at war and dare not admit we are at war, but expressed the fear that the Christians were about to shred the Constitution and impose a theocratic dictatorship on the United States. (In all fairness, 1. the other half of the comments were sane; 2. most comments came from the pen of one or two readers.)

Because I was writing a screed, and not a reasoned philosophical position, I did not even try to qualify my statements, or to be all that clear. I sort of assumed the kind readers would know what I meant. The unkind readers would not understand me even if I qualified my statements, so I saw no reason to try. But this cavalier attitude of mine caused me to offend unwittingly more people than I meant to offend.

Upon reflection, when I doff the robe and beard of a philosopher to don the hairshirt and rope-belt of a prophet on a Jeremiad, I should actually make it clear where I myself stand on the issue.

Let me, Socrates like, ask any reader willing to answer a set of questions:
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