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John C. Wright's Journal
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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

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Progress Report --- A Deleted Scene
Well, I normally do not talk about my work progress in my journal, but I am pleased that after a long dry spell (not writer's block -- I have personal reasons for believing such a thing does not exist, which I will reveal if anyone asks -- but the press and tumult of travel, day job, and other affairs) I have written up version number 800. Sacrifice a chicken to Urania, the muse of SFF!

Now, this is not 800 complete drafts. I make a copy each time I sit down to a writing session, and save each in a separate file, just in case I want to return to an earlier version. But the timestamp on the earliest version (back when it was called 'Concubine Vector' and was about a revolt on a multigeneration slave ship) is 5/25/2005.

I think I have changed every element of the plot, character, and theme since then. I also collided it with notes I had been gathering for a spacewar saga on the epic magnitude of an E.E. Doc Smith book, and strange new particles of ideas fled outward from the collision path, making odd shapes in the cloud chamber of my mind.

If anyone asks where science fiction writers get their wild ideas, the answer should be: my ideas come from radical high-energy brain experimentation outlawed in all civilized nations. (The answer is not true, of course, but then again we writers are people who make up stories for a living.)

Fourteen pages of copy since about 7.30 this evening. Not great, but not bad.

If you are curious, here is a scene I decided, for reasons of timing and character development, to delete.

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On Writer's Block
The latest Wright's writing corner is up at Arhyelon


Read and enjoy.

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