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John C. Wright's Journal
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Friday, December 4th, 2009

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On the Misery of Modern Women
Not that I have much trust in scientific research--we all know that 7.5 out of 12 statistics are entirely false, including this one--but a recent study made the headlines in the NY Post: Compared to 35 years ago, today’s modern woman is, in fact, more miserable than ever.
Why are women miserable now, as opposed to before the Sexual Revolution? That question seems to answer itself in the asking.

I once read a science fiction book (DARKNESS ON DIAMONDIA by A.E. van Vogt) which proposed that in the far futuristic year of 2000 A.D., women, in order to avoid exploitation by men (Van Vogt did not, in the pre-Clinton years, use the term 'sexual predator' but that was his meaning) would form a union like a labor union, and safeguard each other's interests. Basically, the Women's Union had the legal power to intimidate mashers and keep cads away. It was not until quite later that I wondered why, even in this science fiction background, the women's menfolk did not do that work.

Van Vogt, if you look at his books like EARTH FACTOR X and THE VIOLENT MALE and RENAISSANCE and MAN WITH A MILLION NAMES, portrays the man-woman dynamic in a most unsympathetic and unromantic light. Basically, it is the ruthless male tricks or entraps the helpless female into a neurotic affection for him, a dependency. The helpless neurotic women would always rally loyally to the man abusing her.

But even he, for all his cynicism (or realism, take your pick) failed to anticipate a future world as strange and neurotic as the one we now inhabit.

Basically, the 'women unions' of our world, NOW and other organized political groups meant to promote feminism, have sold women on the idea that equality with men means equal promiscuity as men. Even Van Vogt never wrote about the women's unions betraying womanhood.

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COMMENT ADDED 12/16: One of the quoted statistic turns out to be wrong. It is one-half of teenage girls who will contract a venereal infection once they being sexual activity. So, your chance of getting the clap, or some sort of itch or mold in your privates, dear young girls, once you start playing hide-the-sausage in the current unsanitary sexual environment of the modern age, is a coin toss. 50/50.

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