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John C. Wright's Journal
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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

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Smart Pop!
Some of my nonfiction essays may soon be available at http://www.smartpopbooks.com/essay/511/

* May the Midichlorians Be With You from STAR WARS ON TRIAL
* Heroes of Darkness and Light from BATMAN UNAUTHORIZED
* Just Shove Him in the Engine from FINDING SERENITY
* 'Twas Beauty Killed the Beast from KING KONG IS BACK

I also sold an essay about Wonder Woman to this publisher, but they are delaying publication until (if ever) the upcoming Wonder Woman movie (the one not being written by Joss Whedan) sees the light of day.
Where do I sign up?
On my wife's friend's list, someone wrote:

"My aunt believes that Twilight is a conspiracy of the Catholics to stop girls from having sex before they're married. Those were her exact words. I swear on a stack of Atlas Shruggeds."

My comment: the world is in sad shape when any portrayal of self-control,even of vampires wanting not to kill humans and drink their blood, is regarded with suspicion.

Hey! I'm Catholic. Why did you hold a conspiracy without inviting me? How can I join? I have my secret decoder rosary ready. If I am caught or killed, the Pope can disavow any knowledge of my actions.

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