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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

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Christianity has been demoted by the political class by Theodore Dalrymple
The skeptical doctor has published this piece in the Daily Express, which I reprint here without comment

From: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/145370

Christianity has been demoted by the political class

Friday December 11,2009
By Theodore Dalrymple

BY FAR the most significant thing about the case against Benjamin and Sharon Vogelenzang was that it reached a court of law in the first place. This evangelical Christian couple who run a hotel were accused of making derogatory remarks about the religion of one of their guests, Ericka Tazi, a Muslim convert, and thereby spreading religious hatred and contempt.

Mrs Tazi was found to have exaggerated the couple’s verbal abuse grossly but the fact that the case was thrown out of court should not blind us to the insidious and creeping reign of terror that the Government has introduced in Britain by facilitating this kind of prosecution.

While the criminal justice system actively promotes real crime by its refusal to repress it vigorously, it attempts to make criminals of Mr and Mrs Vogelenzang because they expressed forthright Christian beliefs.

For myself I do not much care to be buttonholed by religious enthusiasts but in a free country that is a situation with which citizens must be expected to cope on their own without resort to the courts.

Apart from this, however, there is the strong suspicion that if the boot had been on the other foot, if the Vogelenzangs had complained about remarks made by Mrs Tazi about their religion, no case would have come to court.

THE reason for the difference in approach is an officially-sponsored indifference or hostility to anything which might be considered part of the European and British cultural and religious heritage, combined with a tender regard for any non- European and non-British cultural heritage.

This is now so marked a trait that it could almost be called racist. No British minister would go to Brick Lane in East London and say it was horribly Bangladeshi but a British minister had no compunction at all in complaining of an institution that it was “horribly white”.

British intellectuals, as George Orwell once remarked, have long harboured a hatred of their own country and its culture. This attitude has deeply infiltrated the political class and has therefore come to affect legislation. All cultures are equal except ours, which is the worst.

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Chinese Paladin 3

I saw this show when I was in China, and was struck with infatuation for with it even though I could not understand a word. I have since found a subtitled version and am even more infatuated.

The plot concerns a wastrel pawnshop assistant (who, unbeknown to himself is the reincarnation of a god hunted by the dark lord of the demon world seeking to conclude their cosmic duel) which, finding a fragment of jade fallen from heaven is pulled into meeting the willful yet beautiful daughter of the local ruling family (that, unbeknown to herself, is a foundling with magical hair) and in order to defeat an uprising of music-controlled poisoned zombies, have to find the flower-spirit who turns into a potato when she is exhausted, but accidentally meet the Taoist martial-arts zen-magician monk (who, unbeknown to himself, will achieve immortality in his current life unless his immortal beloved, an absurdly beautiful snake-deity descended from the benevolent earth-goddess, manages to find and re-ensnare him in love and the cares of this world) when his ghost of his (the pawnshop assistant, not the Taoist monk) sister from a previous incarnation appears (who, unbeknown to herself, can transform into a red-garbed demoness-archer, which evil fate came upon her after she sacrificed herself to create the demon-sword to save her brother, or, rather, her brother's previous incarnation, back when he was a prince rather than a god) when the Taoist sage which the pawnshop guy sees in his dreams discovers his ability to command the Smog of Dark Souls from the Demon-Binding Pagoda, he send them to find the Five Elemental Pearls, and...

No. It is too much. I will sum up. The thing you like in D&D games, superhero movies, ancient epics, Chaucer, Three Stooges Comedies, and Greek Tragedies is all here, wrapped up in a package of wushu wire-fu goodness. There is also surfing on swords through the clouds. I am not explaining the scene where King Kong fart butt-smog on them, then turns into the Monkey King, but I will mention the flower fairy turns into a potato.

I hope it comes to the States sometime in your near future. In the meanwhile, there are sites out there on the Internet were you can find translations, including here: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/chinesepaladin3

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