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John C. Wright

The Future Belongs to the Puppeteers

Only posting a link!

Bill Willingham has seen the future, and it is safe. No hunting dinosaurs with jetpacks and bazookas, though.

I admit I was more amused by the introduction than by the essay, which repeats a theme I know all too well. That theme is that we do not have the future we were promised because (not to put too simple an explanation on it) the Left drains human civilization of its dreams, its manhood, its romance, its faith, its wealth, its reason, its humor, and its courage. I acknowledge that this is an outrageously provocative statement, but I have not time now to defend it, since I am only posting a link, and carefully not violating my promise only to post on Fridays. On the other hand the intro confirmed to me what I have long suspected: the science fiction geeks are now the mainstream. We rule, AND we rock. Here is the paragraph I mean:

Next I must apologize to the non-geek contingent of our readership. The essay which follows might not be your cup of tea Klingon blood wine. It hinges too much on a presumed knowledge of obscure science fictiony things that only those with a truly Jonah Goldbergian depth of geek arcana can fully appreciate. Then again, I might be underestimating the level to which the fantastical subdivision of pop culture has permeated the mainstream. You might grok this if you know at least two Vulcans other than Spock, who Tim Drake is (as opposed to Dick Grayson), what the Kzinti are, and where the word ‘grok’ came from. If not, you’re excused without penalty.

Not only do I know who the Kzinti are (they are race of warlike  cat-creatures discovered in shadow by Corwin of Amber when he and his brother Bleys attempted their first assault on Mount Kolvir. Samurai Cat aka Miaowara Tomokato, for example, is a Kzint, as clearly Lion-O of Third Earth is a Kzint as well. So also is Tigger of the Hundred Acre Woods), but I know the name of their home star without googling it. (61 Ursae Majoris). 
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